Open Hearts

by Wilde Turkey

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    This is Clara and Seth's old project. Recorded on a free version of PT in a bedroom with cheap mics. It's not hi-fi, but it's still golden. There are some explicit & homosexual lyrics in here - you've been warned.

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Recorded in Seth's room in Seattle 2005


released January 1, 2005

All songs performed and written by Clara Latham & Seth Garrison -- except track 3 recorded by Ben McAllister featuring Sam Withrow on drums and JR Melero on Guitar



all rights reserved


the Fancy Brooklyn, New York

The Fancy is the creation of the composer/songwriter duo Clara Latham and Seth Garrison. Classically trained musicians with a serious love for popular forms, The Fancy merges chamber music and pop sensibilities with earnest song writing and dramatic flair. With Amy Cimini on viola and Katherine Young on bassoon, The Fancy orchestrates lush tunes so timeless you think you might already know them. ... more

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Track Name: Famous
If you want to stay out all night I will buy you a disco
That stays open forever,
We can sing, we can shake, we dance for forever
If you want to get high all day I’ll buy all that I can babe
To keep you entertained babe
Then we’ll move to a flat in Milano or something
We can make all the sketches for all the clothes that you need dear
I’ll learn to sew them for you dear,
and we’ll live like dames and get all this attention

Baby don’t you wanna be famous
Don’t you wanna be rich
We can fuck in the Eiffel tower
Baby I don’t care if you dig me, just as long as you’re skinny
And you look like young Marlon Brando
Baby I don’t care if you love me just as long as you hug me
At all the right parties
Baby, you are perfect for me, am I perfect for you?

If you’ve got an addiction, I will cater to it hon,
I’ll make calls on my cell phone
And we’ll stop in Madrid on our way to Ibiza,
I will tell you all night and day that your pictures are pretty
Get you shows booked in Chelsea
And make sure that the Times know to say that you’re brilliant.
And I’ll work at my day job so I can buy all your presents
We’ll make J-lo look like a peasant
And people will swoon when you walk in the door

I want you, I need you, I’d love you in my bed right now.

If you want your own spotlight, I’ll be the ray that shines on you,
You’ll look perfect and on cue
And the crowd will go wild in a standing ovation.
Track Name: Having Kids
Met you at a bookstore, you said Hemingway’s a bore,
But lately everything bores me,
Too bad we can’t get married.
Now we’re in our late twenties
And hope grows like a Bonsai tree
I think it’s time to conference
Cause we should be having kids.

Now that you are moving in,
They all say we live in sin,
But I don’t care if we burn in hell
Cause all our friends will be there as well.
But to build our nation state,
It’s necessary to procreate
So it’s time to copulate
Cause we should be having kids

Name them Princess Caroline
Joan of Arc or Madeline
Dress them up in combat boots
Put our girls in business suits
Now we’re at that point in life
When we should be having
Lots of gay babies,
I don’t mean maybe,
The population needs saving,
Donors are waiting,
So let’s start having kids.
Track Name: I Gotta Feeling
Well I’ve gotta feeling that these lives we lead can be a little blank
I mean we make a lot of money and we save it so we take it to the bank
A teddy bear a fold-out chair, some make-up do I really even care
When all I really want to do is try to make the other people stare.

But if you don’t really have the time, then we’ll go into the middle of the room and then we’ll shake. Oh yeah, we’ll shake.
But all we want to do is just go to the moon and eventually, everyone keeps telling me that it’s going to be ok.

All we want to do is go to another planet probably close,
I mean we dig around the earth so why don’t we dig around Saturn, who really knows?
A businessman, a wife and an apartment maybe in SOHO,
Well I’ve got a golf cart and some shoes and you know that’s really cool, yeah?

But I’ll tell you that I don’t really know what I’m talking about
Well maybe you could help me if you show me how to get around.

A record and a shepherd and a sack and a pack full of peas,
That’s all we really want in life cause all really need is some peace
A magazine, a TV and a radio and sure you know how it goes
But I’m quite comfortable with wearing all my raggedy clothes.

And if you give me a hundred dollars I’ll probably spend it all in one place
On a corner right next to the TV place
And if you want me to, I’ll make you some hamburgers
And then we’ll put it in a pie for you and your goody two shoes. Ok.
Track Name: Operation: Boyfriend
I got a resume here in my pocket
With a list of things I can do in bed
I got an application right here in my wallet
Special skills say I give great head
But you, you wouldn’t know that would you?
Cause you’re fucking stupid, It’s true
But one day you’ll find out
Maybe next week
That I’m the sweetest thing you can ever find in your sheets

And it’s true I’ve got a man
And it’s true he’s a pretty young thing
But he’s miles and miles from my new foreign land
And that’s a problem if you know what I mean
But I don’t know if you exist yet
You could be some unborn thing in my consciousness
And then one day, you’ll spring out fully clothed
Great hair, pretty mouth and a tattoo of a long stemmed rose

And don’t you know this is operation boyfriend
I’ve got a plan
To take over the world
One indie boy at a time
And it would surely behoove you to cater to me
Cause I’m like a prima Donna, you see.

So each day I face the plight of a young and interesting gay man
While all the other ones chase
Muscle guys and go-go boys
I’m just searching for a boy with a plan
Track Name: Skinny Boyfriend
Skinny boyfriend makes the girls go crazy
He’s so thin, he reads, he looks like Kurt Cobain
When he comes, then I know I’m his only one
When he comes, I open my mouth and sing
OH, skinny boyfriend

Skinny boyfriend called me up the other day
Says he hates mom, he wants to run away
When he comes, then I know I’m his only one
When he comes, I open my mouth and sing

He’s so sensitive cause he’s so thin
All the girls want my skinny boyfriend
They hate me cause I am his toy
Who needs those pearls
When I have skinny boyfriends
Track Name: I Heart Osama
Who you wanna beat next
Who you wanna eat next
You’re oil is dripping from your big hot guns
My rocket ship
You wanna do it in the Back,
We can do it in Iraq
Mud wrestle, let me bomb you

Oh, I am from the Middle East, the Middle East
And I like to go cruising in my military jeep
I am from Iran and I stuff sand in my pockets to keep me warm
Do you wanna marry me?
Take me home?
I wanna have a blood bath
Want to grab you by the horns.

Let me bomb you baby
Track Name: Leave Me
You fuck (love) me so much I can’t
make it stop
I can’t make it stop hurting when you leave
when you leave

You make it so hot I have to
use more blankets
when you’re not here
I hate myself for that
and I hate you too

And if you’re thinking
to leave me I’m leaving
and when you want me I’ll be there
I don’t wanna say goodbye
I don’t wanna say goodbye

When you’re not here I cry and cry
I can’t stop screaming

I scream and scream

and it gets so hot

I think I’ll go down in flames.
Track Name: Sugar Daddy Song
Now I just want to get drunk and sad over you
And I just want to go wild like you told me to
Cause I can’t see you anymore
No I can’t even call you even though
I’ve seen your every scar and all your clothes
Have been on my floor
But now, it’s come to this
That you want silence
And I want to die

I know that the grass is always greener
On the other side, I told you that
And you never bought me presents
I told you that too
But now you’re gone gone gone gone gone gone
Gone to the other side
And I look back and it’s still greener
And I want you here with me
But I know you’re gone
And I know you won’t like this song

They may be simple
And they may be older too
And they may not be original
But these chords are all I have of you
And you may not be the best thing in the world
But to me you may as well be
Because I can’t have you anymore
And that’s tough to take

I wonder what you’re doing three hours
Of time zones away
And I wonder who you made it with last night
And if he compares of me
And I wonder if you think of me as much as I think of you
Is it true did you break all the things that I bought for you
I know eventually we’ll make it through
And I know you love me
Track Name: Drugs
If I had a million dollars
I’d buy you a million flowers
If I took a million showers
I could not wash off your powers over me
Because I need you and you’ve got to make me happy
‘cause without you I go crazy
Everybody starts to hate me

I take drugs
whenever I can
I love drugs
Only drugs can be my man
they don’t push
and they don’t shove
they’re only good
they only love

Well I’m lonely and I’m spacey
but don’t think you can replace me
I’m the loyalist of lovers
don’t you know we need each other
so I promise not to waste you
please don’t tease me ‘cause I’ll chase you
Don’t cheat me and don’t lie to me
You know that I would die to be on

whenever I can
I love drugs
Only drugs can be my man
they don’t fight
and they don’t judge
don’t make me cry
they only love