Seth Sugar - Wolf Tones

by Seth Sugar

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Bedroom Demos for a Pop Starlet of Your Choice

Seth Sugar is the solo project of Seth Garrison, better known for his singing and songwriting contributions to the chamber pop group The Fancy. When not sharing the stage with a bunch of pretty & talented girls, Seth Sugar croons sweet narrative songs that blur the line between self deprecation and self-help. A set by Seth Sugar may not get you up and dancing, but if you listen hard enough, it’ll probably make you giggle and cry in no particular order. from R Kelly covers to gay stoner anthems to book reports on Willla Cather and James Baldwin, Seth Sugar’s repretoire might best be categorized as shy cabaret. But don’t be fooled. He ain’t shy. Just his music is.


released January 1, 2012

Seth Garrison - everything



all rights reserved


the Fancy Brooklyn, New York

The Fancy is the creation of the composer/songwriter duo Clara Latham and Seth Garrison. Classically trained musicians with a serious love for popular forms, The Fancy merges chamber music and pop sensibilities with earnest song writing and dramatic flair. With Amy Cimini on viola and Katherine Young on bassoon, The Fancy orchestrates lush tunes so timeless you think you might already know them. ... more

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Track Name: Selfish Little Romance
if i were to tell you everything
would it make you want me any less?
and if we were to fall in love
so suddenly don't expect me
to deny my place as a solipsist

you don't want me

this is just for the moment
we're not getting any younger but we still have time
to enjoy every selfish little romance
that passes us both by
you're beautiful you know that
but you don't need anyone to build your ego
i'll take the chance and play the shy guy tonight

i hope you take this seriously
but don't think i mean you any harm
it's not like i've never been called insensitive
but please don't trip and say that i had to twist your arm

we act strong and we love to get undressed
we're not afraid of what shows up on the internet
but we keep a distance between what we touch and see
and the way that they make us feel
i don't mind if you try to get inside
each second is a small forever
we could stop breathing

you don't want me
Track Name: I Don't Love You
i underestimate your maturity
you have let me go because i must go
and you have not yet blame me
i remember when we were 20
we were so in love then but so's everyone
when they're young and pretty

i don't love you
that will change after i leave
then i may love you forever

life is far too long to be unkind
i never said i'd marry you
and you never tried hard to change your mind
you haven't done me wrong too many times
no this is not a country song
this is just life that's happening to rhyme

i don't love you
that will change after i leave
then i may love you forever

i have changed my mind so many times
that it's hard to remember
when i realized that we were not forever
i always seek out a perfect plan
i don't know if it's me
or is this perfect plan mythology

i don't love you
that will change after i leave
then i may love you forever