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released February 10, 2010

All Songs by Clara Latham & Seth Garrison
Vox, Keys: Seth Garrison
Vox, Guitar: Clara Latham
Bassoon: Katherine Young
Viola: Amy Cimini
Drums: Craig Bray

Recorded at Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn by Mitch Rackin
Mixed by A Craig Bray
Produced and Arranged by the Fancy
Album Art by Mark Gagnon
Photographs by Matthew Billings



all rights reserved


the Fancy Brooklyn, New York

The Fancy is the creation of the composer/songwriter duo Clara Latham and Seth Garrison. Classically trained musicians with a serious love for popular forms, The Fancy merges chamber music and pop sensibilities with earnest song writing and dramatic flair. With Amy Cimini on viola and Katherine Young on bassoon, The Fancy orchestrates lush tunes so timeless you think you might already know them. ... more

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Track Name: Breadwinners

i followed you into the crazy night
you were lost and frightened when she opened the door

we got enough time
we got too much time

you had a plan to get ourselves out of this
she was blind to our needs when she opened the door

we got enough time (the door)
we got too much time (the door)
you’ll never see and you will never go there
you’ll never see
you’ll never see me there

you tricked her to open up the door
and pushed her into the flames
and led us into the crazy night
oh what a fright it was

wake up -- it’s time

we got outside (she couldn’t see me)
and ran far far away (i could not sleep for weeks)
candy cannot subside this hunger
Track Name: Out of the City
said you wanted to go with me to alaska
said you wanted to be free in alaska
the boys outnumber the girls 3 to 1
the boys outnumber the girls, but they’re still having fun

said you wanted to go with me to the movies
said you wanted to wait in line at the movies
cause nobody can see you in the dark
it doesn’t matter if you’re ugly or not when we’re in the dark

let’s get out of the city
i can hear the birds
and i quit my job for this

said you wanted to tell me all your secrets
you wanna give me the key to the box of your secrets
but i’m not the kind of girl that you want to trust
tell me your secrets and i’ll copy the key for everyone

when it gets to the point that you’re tired of the mask
when it gets to the point that you don’t want to ask

let’s get out of the city
just say the word
and i quit my job, would you quit your job for this?

said you wanted to build with me a cabin
said you wanted to draw up plans for a cabin
we don’t have money but we have lots of dreams
we don’t have money but it don’t cost nothing to buy you everything

when it gets to the point that you’re tired of me
when it gets to the point that i’m not all you need

let’s go back to the city
cause i miss the noise
and i quit my job for this?
Track Name: Love Standing Up
i gotta million clothes i like to wear
and if you tell me where i’ll meet you there
but if you tell me not to wear that shirt, i’ll say no
i’m like a picture in a magazine
well, i’m the boy and i’m the girl of your dreams
but if you tell me not to cut my hair, i’ll say no

let’s get together, feel free
we’re not as different as you want us to be
we’re not like ebony and ivory
we’re more like hot pink, with a touch of green
you cannot name us
can’t explain us
cause we’re famous for being shameless
so if you want to dance with me all night long
you don’t have to claim bottom or top
we can make love standing up

and I don’t worry about the government
they only care if you can pay the rent
and you can shoot your guns inside your private home.
my doctor told me not to stress out to much
cause there’s a family out there waiting for us
and you can come back home as late as you like

you say you want me to be free (i win wars, drive big cars, date big stars)
but i can’t stand you, can’t understand you (explore mars, drink at bars, go to bars)
you say you want to marry me (get my rocks off after work)
but it’s not legal (i get home off the phone, watch tv, go to sleep)
we have to fight the flight of the eagle (i wake up)

and the night is so lonely!
i can’t win if you can’t lose!

you know we’re in love standing up (i’m in love)
Track Name: Honey, Baby
we got in the cab
you said i spent the money that i had in the bar
but you just smiled
i said we’re young and money don’t exactly pay the bills
but music will

you said just you wait and see
we’ll make lots of money baby
just you wait for me
i’ll cover you with honey, baby
i’ll smother you with furs
i’m the way out, i’m the way in

we’re stumbling home
but you say that it’s cute the way i fall when i’m drunk
and often we are

i can see the brooklyn bridge from here
i can’t tell if it’s a prison or escape from here

i can see the brooklyn bridge from here

we got into bed
you asked me if i ever sleep with girls (do you sleep with girls?)
i said no (you said no)
but i can see forever in your eyes
Track Name: Oh, Willa!
you slipped me lsd
i don’t remember waking up
but i remember going to sleep
you read me oh, pioneers!
i fell into a prarie
and i cried dusty tears
oh, willa! the clouds are coming down
they’re turning into coyotes and they’re running me out of town

but i worked my fingers to the bone
i tidied up his tiny home
i read love letters by the light of the full moon
and i won’t be home too soon

i’ve gone to old town mexico
i came back with party hats
and i can put on such a show
i’ll leave you if you won’t leave me
i’ll turn and walk away and i’ll remember everything
i’ve got to do what i must do
but trust me baby
i will always care for you

put a bullet in my head
you won’t be sorry when i’m dead
was it something that i said,
i won’t be sorry when i’m dead
there is a place that we call home
we won’t be sorry when we’re gone